How to take European style pre-wedding photos in oversea travel ?
Europe and the United States wedding photos are how to shoot overseas
photography wedding wedding Europe and the United States wedding photos
How to take European style pre-wedding photos in oversea travel ?
how to shoot overseas wedding photography travel photography wedding photography travel phot
how to shoot overseas wedding photography travel photography wedding photography photography wedding

Photographing wedding photos is one of the happiest things in life,

You can leave your sweet interaction with your husband in a wedding photo,

You can also wear a beautiful dress and draw a delicate look,

Photograph your most beautiful look!

Women are the same as Xiaobian,

Is every day imagining the day when I want to take a wedding photo?

However, to take a beautiful wedding photo,

Also match the theme of the wedding photo,

In order to make wedding photos more complete and themes!

If you haven’t decided what style of wedding photo to take,

Let’s follow the footsteps of Xiaobian to see a series of European and American styles of “Lifelike Wedding Photos”!

Want to make a “European style wedding photo”
x“Lifestyle Wedding Photo”?

Wedding dresses and dresses can be matched like this!

1. Wearing a simple feeling of degeneration, you need a plain “shirt”!


2. It’s just to look super-shaped, and a “windbreaker” makes you stunned!


3. Want to make your wedding photos look super happy? “Cowboy Wear” makes you look like a superstar!


4. The sweetness and tacit understanding of wearing two people is to have a set of “love couples” of the same color or different colors!


5. The secret of a girl’s sexy change in one second is to wear an oversized “knit sweater” to reveal the sexy and slender legs!


Want to make the wedding photos look real and natural?

“Light makeup” is the best choice for you!

Want to make the perfect wedding photo,

The focus of “light makeup” is to master!


Eye makeup: earth color, rose powder color, not only can help draw a good color,

It doesn’t look too pinky, it doesn’t look too monotonous!

eyeliner: Don’t be too thick, just let your eyes look good!

Contact lenses: brown, brown contact lenses are best for sputum,

Elegant and divine contact lenses make you look super temperament in your wedding photos!

Lip Gloss: Pink, Pink Orange is best for 妳, usually remember to moisturize,

On the day you take a wedding photo, you can look perfect and natural!

Brows: Eyebrows are mainly brown, not too dark,

This will highlight the clarity of makeup!

Hairstyle: Straight hair, romantic curly hair, can highlight the delicate face,

You can also make your eyes look like a sprite!

How do you take a wedding photo with a sense of life?

Five little steps let you take a photo of the sweet life of two people!

Want to make a sweet, zero-distance wedding photo atmosphere?

Show “intimate interaction” in your wedding photos!

[Wedding Photography] Wedding Dressesx Intimate Interaction

Wedding style recommendation: Do you have the habit of playing tricks on the other side?

Take a wedding photo and record the sweetness and mischief of both of you!

When shooting a realistic wedding photo, you have to be yourself in the wedding photo,

Show your true and natural personality!

Small editors recommend newcomers to think about the wedding photos in advance,

Next, prepare for wedding props,

The two can read together in a wedding photo,

Or two people have afternoon tea together,

Then proceed to prepare the props according to the set wedding photo situation!

When the prospective newcomer is taking a wedding photo,

You can distinguish between each wedding photo with a variety of postures and expressions,

This will increase the richness of wedding photos,

Let the two have more choices when picking photos after the event!


Would you like to make wedding photos look more commemorative?

Diary, wedding ring, photo can be the focus of wedding photos!

[Wedding Photography] Wedding Dressesx living things

Wedding style recommendation: Prospective newcomers before taking a wedding photo,

You can prepare a souvenir for two people in advance,

Can be the first gift to the other party,

It can also be a card or book made on the birthday of the other party,

These cute little things can be the protagonists in wedding photos,

Let the wedding photos look more meaningful!

If newcomers want to make wedding photos look more natural and natural,

You can choose to take a wedding photo at home,

Photographing a home together,

Or choose to take a photo in a specialty coffee shop,

Let the warm and classic decor of the café become the backdrop for wedding photos,

The high quality of the wedding photos makes the wedding photos look classic and have an atmosphere!

You can also have afternoon tea for wedding photos,

Use the “Lunch Side Shot” to record the sweetness between you!

[Wedding Photography] Wedding Dressesx Lunch Side Shot

Wedding style recommendation: When taking a wedding photo,

Be sure to take a close interaction between the two people,

Let the wedding photo record the love story of two people,

This is the day after marriage,

Before you look at the wedding photos and relive the goodness at the time!

Quasi-newcomers can take pictures of two people eating,

Playing at the table, or chatting naturally,

At this time, the girls choose a cafe that they like very much,

Or a special and impressive restaurant,

Let the eye-catching wedding scenes add highlights to your wedding photos!

In addition to taking wedding photos in the restaurant,

Quasi-newcomers can also choose to shoot a picnic on the grass,

Let the wedding photos look cute and natural!

Also, when girls are taking photos,

Show your natural and pure side,

You can laugh in your wedding photos,

Or intimately tease each other and show your playfulness!

Small editors recommend newcomers to framing in the cafe,

Photographing two people drinking coffee together,

Use coffee cups as the easiest item,

Take a series of simple and authentic wedding photos!


Wedding photos are super realistic,

Would you like to have a warm style?

Quickly shoot a group of “home style wedding photos”!

[Wedding Photography] Wedding Dressesx Home atmosphere

Women’s style recommendation: Haven’t decided where to take a casual wedding photo?

Take a series of “home style wedding photos” in the warm home of two people!

Photographing “Homestyle Weddings” at your own home,

Not only can you set your wedding photo background according to your own preferences,

You can also present your most natural self,

Let the wedding photos look more natural and true!

Also, Xiaobian especially recommends girls,

You can wear a long knit sweater,

Show your own slender legs.

Or you can wear a plain “top” with the prospective groom,

Let a couple’s tops look simple but sweet in a wedding photo!


How can I take a “walking” picture when I take a wedding photo?

Leaving cute little kids and the other half,

It’s a romantic and leisurely “afternoon walk”!

[Wedding Photography] Wedding Dressesx Walking in the afternoon

Wedding style recommendation: I want to let cute little children enter the mirror together,

Photograph your usual interaction?

Hurry on simple shirts and shorts,

Walk on the summer beach together,

Enjoy the effect of backlighting and the warmth of summer!

The prospective newcomer can shoot on the beach,

You can also take a wedding photo in the forest,

Show a natural and authentic atmosphere for wedding photos!

In addition, Xiaobian recommends that girls follow the atmosphere they like,

Add different items to the wedding photos, such as: bubble machines, balloons, etc.,

These items can make your wedding photos look more story-telling!


Taking the most realistic life scene,

Get on the windbreaker and take the hand of “he”,

Photographed a romantic wedding photo in winter!

[Wedding Photography] Wedding Dressesx Life Street View

Women’s style recommendation: When taking a wedding photo,

In addition to framing at the wedding base,

Want to make wedding photos look more natural and true,

Be sure to remember to take pictures of the two people walking together on the “street”!

Small editors suggest that newcomers can walk on the “street”,

It also creates a picture of a girl leaning against the boy,

Situation of this situation,

It will make the wedding photo look more meaningful!

Also, besides walking,

Quasi-newcomers can also choose “Rainy” to take wedding photos,

Let the wedding photos appear with two people holding umbrellas or hiding from the rain,

This wedding photo will look more realistic,

You can take more commemorative wedding photos!

Three poses make your wedding look look more natural!

1. Facing her “the alcove”, showing the boy’s domineering and handsome!

2. “Grimace” is to show your good feelings!

3. Want to shoot “the most cute height difference”? Then snuggle in his arms!


Can’t think of a wedding photo to shoot?

There is a “good global travel” that is worn and intimate,

Develop your own wedding style for you!

girls after reading a series of “lifestyle wedding photos” introduced by Xiaobian,

Are girls ready to take beautiful and classic wedding photos?

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