Overseas pre-wedding photography – Hsinchu ‘s most recommended outside wedding photos – The two couples living in the north want to make wedding photos with rich pictures and varied styles, but they don’t know where to look. Xiao Bian then carefully planned a series of different styles of wedding photos for everyone, so that the couples living in “Hsinchu” can easily take a variety of wedding photos, in different natural landscapes, shoot The most perfect wedding photo! Therefore, new people who are still worried about the location of wedding photos are now watching along with the footsteps of Xiaobian. Let’s witness the beautiful scenery of “Happiness Photographing Locations of Hsinchu Weddings”!

“Green Grassland” will help you shoot the freshest and most natural “Prairie Wedding Photo”!

[Wedding Photography] Hsinchu Wedding Attractionsx青青草原

Wedding photo attractions: The green grassland of “Hsinchu City” covers an area of 19 hectares, and can capture a large area of green grass and original landscape, as well as “grinding stone slides” The color of the Grindstone Slide is light gray-blue with a verdant grassy landscape. The picture is very romantic and beautiful! Newcomers who like “children’s style”, welcome to visit here! In addition, the side of the “Grinding Slips” is a long wooden ladder that looks like a huge playground. The building is full of art and is a very popular picnic spot!

Address: Prairie Road, Xiangshan District, Hsinchu City

Photographing a wedding dress: Shooting dynamic movements, such as dancing, running, holding high, waving, throwing skirts, etc., all require “multiple” shooting, absolutely It is impossible to get it in one place. If the integrity of the picture is required to be high, or even take longer, so in order to make a perfect wedding photo, the new person must be patient!

dress/Wedding recommendation: white gauze, yellow dress, orange dress, aqua blue dress


“Grass” and “Lake” are beautiful wedding photos, “Qingcao Lake” meets two wishes at a time!

[Wedding Photography] Hsinchu Wedding AttractionsxGreen Grass Lake

Special features of wedding photos: If you want to capture the fascinating landscape of “mountain and water”, you must go to “Qingcao Lake” to capture the scenery! In the “Qingcao Lake” there is an endless “lake” landscape, surrounded by a lush forest, you can take a fresh and natural wedding style, you can also shoot the beautiful scenery of “forest”, “lake”, like to Outdoors, newcomers can take a series of beautiful “mountain and water” wedding photos to create a fresh and natural atmosphere for wedding photos! In addition, “Qingcao Lake” has a “watchtower” which is made of wood. The appearance of the burgundy building looks extraordinarily antique and matched with the lake and the tree. The landscape looks extraordinarily romantic. If you want to create a “retro atmosphere” for your wedding photos, it is also very suitable for viewing here! In addition, there is a “Yingyue Bridge” on “Qingcao Lake”. The “Yingyue Bridge” is built in the form of “arc” and is full of Chinese traditional atmosphere. There is also a Chinese style pavilion for newcomers. Framing, creating an ancient situation for wedding photos!

Address: Hsinchu City East

Photographing a wedding dress: The moment before the shutter is pressed, because the photographer is at a distance from the newcomer, the newcomer must pay attention to each other’s clothing, including teeth and hair. Lip gloss, makeup, etc. If you see something on the other person’s face, be sure to organize it for the other party immediately. Don’t let it go, so that the wedding picture will be more perfect!

dress/Wedding recommendation: yellow dress, orange dress, white gauze, Chinese dress


To shoot a super beautiful “European architectural wedding photo”, it is necessary to go to “Tsinghua University”!

[Wedding Photography] Hsinchu Wedding AttractionsxTsinghua University

Wedding photo features: “Tsinghua University” buildings have “red brick” architectural features that make wedding photos look retro and fresh, on campus There is an endless prairie and a clear lake that allows newcomers to take a variety of wedding styles! In addition to the “Prairie”, in “Tsinghua University”, there is a path surrounded by trees. The path has sunlight from the night of the tree, and the entire path is covered, which not only creates a “backlighting” effect on the wedding photos. It can also make the “European Architecture” wedding photos have more varied changes!

Address: Section 2, Guangfu Road, East District, Hsinchu City101#

Clap a wedding dress: I like the simple, elegant white gauze, but I am afraid that when shooting wedding photos, it looks monotonous and imposing? You can pair it with a “crystal shawl” studded with rhinestones, let the shiny “crystal shawl” embellish your neck line, make the neck line look more slender, and increase the upper body’s momentum, will not let the girls The body looks too thin! In addition to the “Crystal Shawl”, girls can also choose “Crystal Necklace” to let their crystals and rhinestones adorned their chest skin! In particular, girls who choose “Peach Heart Collar” and “Flat Collar” white gauze can match this way, not only will your wedding photos be full of the Queen’s momentum, but also enrich the wedding photography!

dress/Wedding recommendation: black dress, white gauze, grey dress, royal blue dress





To shoot the most traditional “Japanese-style architecture” is to go to the “Rise of Heaven”!

[Wedding Photography] Hsinchu Wedding AttractionsxRyokan

Wedding photo attractions: Want to make a “Japanese wedding photo” in Hsinchu, so that the wedding photos look as real as Japan? Come to take a wedding dress to “Ri Chi” to view it! Originally known as “Hsinchu Park”, Lichi has a clear lake in the park. The lake is a traditional “Japanese-style building”. The periphery of the “lake” is a tree view, so that the buildings in the center of the pool seem to be left behind. The paradise in the middle of the pool! This “Japanese-style building” was originally used in the Japanese occupation era to receive high-ranking merchants. It is a high-level social place, so the design and materials of the building are very particular! In addition, the newcomers here can take pictures, the quiet and leisurely atmosphere of the pool, can also create a “Japanese wedding style” for wedding photos! In March, on the outskirts of “Riichi”, you can see the scene of “Sakura” flying, and take the romance and leisure of Japan!

Address: Hsinchu City

Photographing a wedding dress: Most of the kiss photos are not really kisses. They are basically divided into two types, one is “the lips are smiling and the lips are flipping”, the other is “The lips are open” as close as possible. To make a beautiful kiss wedding photo, the focus is on the movements to be gentle, or to use the effect of “borrowing”, so that the action of the kiss does not look too rude, so that the picture loses its beauty!

dress/Wedding recommendation: white gauze, Chinese dress, long-sleeved dress, red dress


To take the most romantic “sunset wedding photo” is to go to “Nanjing Beach”!

[Wedding Photography] Hsinchu Wedding AttractionsxSouthshore Beach

Special features of wedding photos: Hsinchu’s “Nanjing Seaside” is also known as “Nanjing Seaport”. Newcomers who are looking at the “Nanjing Waterfront” can take a breathless look. The blue sky and white clouds, if you shoot along the “Harbour” building in the evening, you will photograph the sunset and the white clouds. In addition, you can also photograph the sunset to reflect the orange-red light on the sea, the picture is beautiful! In addition, Xiao Bian recommends that you can take the “Veil” to take a picture here, take a picture of “Floating”, let the sunset be the “Veil” plus the rendering effect, creating a beautiful romantic wedding atmosphere!

Address: Hsinchu City North District

Photographing a wedding dress: When shooting a wedding photo, be sure to do “light” or “soft” for any action, because if you are taking a wedding photo If the action is too big or too hard, it is easy to cause the action to exert a trace on the new person’s body, so any interaction between the new body’s limbs, such as support, leaning, cuddling, etc., should be avoided to squeeze into the skin. !

dress/Wedding recommendation: aqua blue dress, pink dress, white gauze


Go to “New Moon Sand Bay” and help you shoot the endless “Beach Weddings”!

[Wedding Photography] Hsinchu Wedding AttractionsxNew Moon Sands

Wedding photo attractions: Do you want to shoot cute and lively “Beach Weddings” in “Hsinchu”? Come to the “New Moon Sand Bay” framing! In the “New Moon Sand Bay”, you can take a blue sea and blue sky, as well as a blue and majestic seascape. In this coastal landscape, you can take a picture of shallow water and deep water. In shallow waters, new people can shoot “water.” Wedding photos, shoot two people stepping on the water, or interacting on the water, increase the change of the wedding photos, no need to worry about the boring and monotonous picture of the wedding photos! In addition, Xiao Bian recommends that you take a wedding photo here during the “afternoon” time, you can take a beautiful picture of the sunset, and you can make the “silhouette” effect by light and shadow, so that the wedding picture looks more full of story. !

Address: Section 5, Fenggang Road, Zhubei City, Hsinchu County155Alley

Photographing a wedding dress: When you take a wedding photo in Taiwan, you usually go to the “Beach” to take pictures of two romantic hands and running, but if you want to shoot ” If you look at the picture, you must remember to take it before you finish the work, so as not to get too much mud on the skirt!

dress/Wedding recommendation: white gauze, aqua blue dress, yellow dress, orange dress


Hsinchu wedding photo route planning, you can do this!

Qingqing Grassland→Qingcao Lake→Tsinghua University→Richi→Nanjing Seaside→Xinyue Shawan


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