Overseas pre-wedding photo petite bride heightening
Overseas pre-wedding photo petite bride heightening

The days of shooting wedding photos are getting close, and the petite and exquisite girls are just like Xiaobian. Every day they are worried about taking wedding photos, their feet don’t look enough. Slim and slender! Don’t worry about the girls, Xiao Bian deeply understands the troubles of the girls, so Xiao Bian specially revealed for everyone, the professional wedding photographers took the secret of “perfect body proportion”, I believe the girls are watching Xiaobian for everyone. Petite girl170 After the “enhancement”, you can easily take the perfect proportion of the body, so that the wedding picture looks super-powerful, one second becomes the queen in the wedding photo!

STEPT 1. Petite girl picks up “dress” Code!

I want you to wear it out170 !

Want to make your legs look thin, long, white, straight?

“Short Dress” meets your four wishes at once!

Wedding/Gown recommendation: Do girls want to put the focus of their wedding photos on their legs? Pick a short dress with a pettiskirt style! As long as you wear a “short dress”, you can lengthen your height ratio and make your legs look slender and slender! In addition, Xiao Bian exclusively recommends girls to choose the style of “dress”, so that the fluffy wedding dress hem can be compared with the slender legs. This dress cut can modify the thigh line, make the thigh look more symmetrical, slender, overall The proportion of the body will also look lighter!


dress tailoring is not boring,

“Front short dress” makes you look more sculpt!

Wedding/Gown recommendation: Do you think the “short dress” doesn’t look strong enough? Girls can pick a “front short dress” and cut it with a “fluffy” dress, so that the focus of the wedding picture is focused on the girls, and the “fluffy” hem is used to modify the “line” of the leg. Covering the most worried “calfs” for girls, the girls’ looks are more bumpy, so that when the girls are photographing “frontal photos,” the proportion of the legs will look slimmer and slender!


How do you make slender legs look slimmer?

“Pen dress” makes your legs more eye-catching!

Wedding/Gown recommendation: Do girls want to look more attractive when shooting wedding photos? Choose a style of “dress” and let the “dress” cut out to highlight the girls! Xiaobian recommended girls, pick a “light-colored skirt”, make wedding dresses and dresses look light and pretty! If the girls are shooting a “short dress” wedding photo and worry that the “short dress” is not enough to attract attention, then choose a style that is “simple” in the upper body and “exaggerated” in the hem. Question Luo! Finally, Xiao Bian suggested that when choosing a dress, girls can choose a dress with a simple shape but a fluffy hem, so that the wedding photo has only one focus, so that everyone will see the girl’s wedding photos. Focusing on the girls, I don’t think the picture is too messy!

Small length of the waist,

A-LINE” dress is your must-have artifact!

Wedding/Gown recommendation: If the girls want to cover the excess fat and lengthen the “waist” ratio, Xiaobian recommends that girls pick a piece of “A-LINE” tailoring The dress, with the “high waist” design, makes the proportion of the legs stretched, which can create a “long leg” effect for the girls, so that the girls will look tall and powerful in the wedding photos. ! In addition, Xiao Bian highly recommends the “one-neck” neckline style with “ A-LINE” cuts, not only can the girls’ waistline be raised, but also the girl’s collarbone, which makes the upper body look slim and the lower body It looks very imposing, the focus of the picture is on the proportions of the legs, as well as the pattern and cut of the dress hem!


STEPT 2. Photographing a wedding photo is like this

Guarantee to make you visually detectable170!

Want to make a model of momentum?

Double feet “in tandem”, the next supermodel is you!

Wedding photo pose: When girls are taking wedding photos, remember not to “stand straight”! “Stand up straight” will directly show the girls’ body proportions, so girls must add some tips to make their figure look more conspicuous in the wedding photos! Xiao Bian suggested that when the girls are standing, they can match their feet on the front and back, and stretch their forefoot to the photographer, so that the figure of the body looks very obvious and the picture of the wedding photo is made. Focusing on the girls’ “waist” and “hip”, they show the femininity that the girls exude!


Photographing wedding photos don’t know where to stand?

The “ladder” scene will make you the focus of your wedding photos!

Wedding photo position: When shooting wedding photos, are girls worried about the strong wedding background, will they steal their own style? Don’t worry about girls, pick a “long tail dress” and stand on the “stairs” to capture the scene, you can take the queen’s imposing wedding photos! Are girls worried that they can’t shoot the “long tail” dress? Then you must match the “step” framing, as long as you have a “staircase”, you can easily make the girls into a wedding photo of the Queen Luo!


Want to shoot a tall, slender devil figure?

“Upward View” to shoot your best ratio!

Wedding pose: Do girls want to shoot the proportion of “nine-headed body”? Then ask the photographer to take a series of “upward viewing” wedding photos for you! The framing method of “Yang-style” can highlight the curves of the girls’ “legs”, “hips” and “waist”, and infinitely lengthen the proportion of the legs, and shoot the effect of “small face”, girls Remember to try it out!


STEPT 3. The pose for taking a wedding photo is not boring,

This “sitting posture” lets you change your name in a second!

Would you like to shoot your perfect ratio?

“Twigs”VS“Long trailing” is your best helper!

Wedding photo pose: Girls who want to take wedding photos in the forest must take a series of poses sitting on the “twigs” to hide their true height. Let the wedding photo focus on the length of the “calf”, plus the “long tail” hem, let the long trailing hem hang between the branches, such a wedding composition will focus on the overall dress The picture will also highlight the details of the hem of the dress, highlighting the embroidery and material of the hem, so if the girls want to focus on the wedding dress, they can also use this trick!


Want to be a mermaid in a wedding photo?

“The concave waist” is the key to your success!

Wedding photo pose: Petite girls, when shooting wedding photos, be sure to remember the “recessed waist”! The “recessed waist” posture, combined with the “fishtail dress”, can highlight the girl’s body shape curve, without relying on any props, or any special scene, even without the high heels, you can shoot The “perfect proportion” of the figure makes the girls look elegant and slender, so that the wedding pictures are focused on the “back” and “buttocks”, showing the girls’ soft curves!


The style and style of a wedding photo,

The front and rear feet cross the best proportions of the legs!

Wedding photo position: If girls want to make their own beautiful body, they must remember to add a “front and rear foot cross” wedding pose, let the toes Facing the same direction, the legs of the feet overlap, and the posture of the upper body “forward leaning”, so that the wedding picture is focused on the middle, highlighting the girl’s face makeup and the proportion of the calf! In addition, Xiao Bian suggested that girls can choose a “flat mouth dress” and “peach heart collar dress” to reveal their own collarbone. With this posture, you can make your body look slim and boney!


It’s about showing your legs,

“One after the other” makes your curves of the beautiful legs stunned!

Wedding photo position: If the girls feel that the “Famous Pattern Crossing” looks too beautiful, you can choose this “before and after” pair of feet. Stretch one foot to the photographer, one foot slightly squirming, so that your body shape shows a “straight line”, so the wedding picture will focus on the girl’s legs close to the photographer, let the girls instantly Become a supermodel in the wedding photo! This position is not only suitable for “frontal photo”, but also suitable for shooting “side view”. If you add the effect of “backlighting”, the girl’s figure will look slimmer and slender, and the upper body will look like it. More curves!


STEPT 4. Want to make a super beautiful wedding dress Photo?

This way you can lie on your legs!

Standing is not sloppy,

“Hooks” let you shoot sexy femininity!

Wedding photo position: When girls are taking wedding photos, they must remember to take a series of beautiful and romantic “lying postures”, so that the proportion of the body looks feminine and curve! However, if the girls want to take a picture of the “long legs”, they must add the “hook” posture! When taking a picture, the one facing the photographic lens should be slightly “hooked up”. This posture will highlight the curve of the “hip” and make the one facing the photographer look slender and slender. ! When the girls are shooting this position, they can match the hem of the “petal” and “long tail” dress, so the picture will be more romantic!


STEPT 5. The handsome and handsome groom is coming over quickly ,

Take a girl to fly high!

“Invisible feet” is the key,

Make up with “long trailing”170the height ratio!

Wedding photo position: When the boys are taking wedding photos, don’t be idle, be sure to hold the girls up and let the girls’ swings in the wedding dress. Spread out in the photo! Do girls want to make their height look slender and slender? It is to rely on the “invisible foot” posture, hide your feet in the group, show the elegant hem of the dress, let the wedding picture look light and elegant, shoot out170The height effect of the cents!


STEPT 6. After reading the tips of the dress,

Want to know where these beautiful wedding dresses are?

It’s time to go to “Good Global Travel”!

After reading the ultra-detailed “Selective Dress Tips”, girls have learned how to shoot170The perfect ratio? If the girls don’t know how to easily shoot the super-high proportion of the body, you can go to the most professional “good global travel”, in the “good global travel”, in addition to super professional wedding photographers, You can teach girls to shoot “super perfect wedding photo ratio”, from “choice dress” to “bride style” and “photographing wedding photos”. These processes are specially staffed for newcomers and will not be given any during the service. The pressure of forced sales can make it easy for newcomers to enjoy the process of being served! So now I will pick up the other half of the hand, go to the wedding dress, the most complete style of dress, and the most professional and intimate “Good Global Travel” to find us, let us make the wedding photos the most dazzling The hero and heroine!



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