Fleshy bride must see A dress instantly loses 5 kilograms
Fleshy bride must see A dress instantly loses 5 kilograms

Is it a fleshy girl like Xiaobian?

Are you still worried about which wedding dress or dress to choose?

Girls, don’t worry! Xiaobian can understand the concerns of girls,

Because Xiaobian is also a girl who likes to taste food everywhere!

However, girls don’t need to lose weight because of wedding photos,

Because the bride’s styling, wedding style, and matching wedding accessories,

You can let your face lose five kilograms in the wedding photo!

Let’s take a look at how to get a slim wedding dress now!

Would you like to take a visual look with a delicate face?

“Bride styling” is to do this!

Flesh Bride’s Thinness Code: No hair, natural hair, romantic curly hair

When girls choose a hairstyle, they will definitely worry about “face”,

Or the upper body looks fatter, so be sure to prescribe the right medicine,

With a light, fluffy bride shape in the upper body,

Create a sense of air for your overall look,

Let your face look fine and small in contrast to your hairstyle!

After listening to Xiaobian’s exclusive revealing of the secret of a small face,

Pick up the hairstyles for the fleshy girls! That is “natural curls”!

If girls want to make their faces look small,

And highlight the depth of the five senses,

There must be a pair of “romantic curls”!

As long as there is a fluffy “romantic curl”,

With a handsome husband,

You can make a romantic Korean drama atmosphere!


Is the curls too boring? That can be matched like this!

Would you like to shoot “Flower Fairy”?

Come on a delicate “corolla”!

[Wedding Photography] Flesh BridexCorolla

Bride styling recommendation: Want to make your hair fluffy but not monotonous?

As long as you have a delicate and compact “corolla”, you can make it look perfect!

Girls can match the “corolla” in the same color as the wedding dress,

Photographing wedding photos in the forest and grasslands,

This will allow you to take a “fresh natural wind” wedding photo!


Being a wedding photo is to be noble and exquisite,

That’s the “crown”!

[Wedding Photography] Flesh BridexCrown

Bride styling recommendation: Do girls want to create a solemn and grand picture for wedding photos?

The couple can take a wedding photo in front of the “Church Building”,

When taking a wedding photo at the church, pair it with a small “crown”,

You can create a sacred, solemn atmosphere for the wedding photos!

If you didn’t choose to shoot in front of the church, take a wedding photo in front of “European Architecture”,

You can take a picture of a noble and luxurious wedding photo!


Small face tips and it!

As long as a simple “vomble”,

Let you become a super-positive bride!

[Wedding Photography] Flesh BridexVeil

Bride styling recommendation: Want to make the wedding photo simple and elegant?

As long as you like a veil, wear a “high waist white gauze”,

You can wear a noble and glamorous momentum!

After the girls put on the veil,

Let the veil dance in the wedding with the breeze,

The effect of making “floating yarn” for wedding photos!


Would you like to wear a slim wedding dress?

Let’s see what the professional dress secretary says!

If this is the upper body, the fatter bride,

There must be this wedding dress!

Where is the girl the slimmer?

The answer is the collarbone and shoulders!

So be sure to wear this “one-neck wedding dress”!

[Wedding Photography] Flesh Bridexword collar Wedding dress

Wedding/Gown recommendation: fleshy girls are choosing dresses Time,

Remember to make the upper body look simple and sloppy,

This overall ratio will look more elegant and perfect!

Girls must always worry that their arms look fatter in their wedding photos,

At this time, you can use the “one-word collar” design to modify your arm!

The collar of “word collar” is not only simple, but also highlights the girls’ existing arms,

You can also modify the meat on the girls’ chests, which is the best weapon for fleshy girls,

And the exposed skin won’t be too much, perfect for girls who want to be elegant and simple!


Do you think that “a word of white gauze” is not sexy enough?

There is a “Peach New Collar Wedding Dress”!

[Wedding Photography] Flesh BridexPeach Heart Collar Wedding dress

Wedding/Gown recommendation: If you are full and sexy, then “Peach The dress of the heart is super fit!

To be able to make “Peach Heart Collar” wear beautiful and powerful,

The girls’ chests should be fuller, so that they can wear the “Peach Heart Collar Wedding Dress”!

However, girls must choose the bust that suits them when choosing a wedding dress size,

Do not pick too small or too large a size,

If the bust is too big, it’s easy for girls to look hollow on their chests,

If you create a hole, you can’t change it even after the repair!

If the bust is too small, it will leave traces left behind after squeezing!


If you don’t want to show too much skin,

You can wear it with a “big round neck wedding dress”!

[Wedding Photography] Flesh Bridexbig round neck Wedding dress

Wedding/Gown recommendation: After wearing the “big round neck wedding dress” ,

The overall proportion of girls will look more slender,

The lines on the chest will look round and full,

Either a slender girl or a fleshy girl is a great fit!

If you are a conservative girl,

“Big Round Collar Wedding Dress” can show the clavicle and the lines of the arm,

Let 妳 look sexy and elegant, so no matter what you are, you can try it!


If this is a “lower body” fatter bride,

There must be this wedding dress!

Sexy is to be very open!

Let the “backless wedding dress” reveal its beautiful back!

[Wedding Photography] Flesh Bridexbackless wedding dress

Wedding/Gown recommendation: If the upper body of the cockroach is slender, the lower body Meat,

That would make you stand out from the “low back wedding dress” and hide the troubled lower body!

Girls’ backs can show back lines through “backlessness,”

Let the white skin look eye-catching and fascinating,

When you take a wedding photo, just turn around,

The photographer will not be able to take more photos!

When girls choose “backless wedding dresses,”

You can choose a more exaggerated lace style,

Let exaggerated lace details accentuate the skin on the back of girls,

When shooting a wedding photo, the picture on the back will look very eye-catching!


If the wedding dress is to be thin,< /p>

It’s the upper body “body,”

The lower body is “invincible”!

[Wedding Photography] Flesh Bridexhigh waist wedding dress

Wedding/Gown recommendation: When girls choose dresses,

It will be very annoying to know how to highlight your slender legs!

If you are like a small editor, because you are sitting in the office for a long time, the lower body is more fleshy,

You can rely on this “high-waist wedding dress” to wear the perfect curve!

As for why “high-waist wedding dresses” make girls look slimmer?

Because of the “high-waist tailoring” wedding dress, the upper body is tailored to fit,

The lower part of the cut is degenerate and powerful,

Let the girls look down and simple,

Hide the lower body of the flesh,

But the slim upper body can be highlighted!


If you are not fat, but full,

There must be a good figure!

Come on a super sexy “fishtail dress”!

[Wedding Photography] Flesh BridexFishtail Wedding Dress

Wedding/Gown recommendation: like the plump figure of European and American brides,

Is there a sleek and exquisite curve?

If you are not fat, but the bust and hips are more obvious,

There must be this “fishtail wedding dress”!

If you want to wear a sexy and fit dress,

Only the full girls can control it!
The “fishtail wedding dress” must be a girl with meat on the chest before it can wear its momentum,

Plus the design of the lower body, so the lines of the butt must be very full,

Be sure that the girls with obvious body curves can wear the perfect body shape!


If the gauze is no longer enough,

A noble and luxurious “black dress”,

The same slim and slender effect can be worn!

[Wedding Photography] Flesh Bridexblack dress

Wedding/Gown recommendation: girls who want to be individual brides,

Xiaobian heard the voice of 妳!

Now introduce some sexy and slim “black dresses” to girls,

Let you be sexy and charming after you wear it!

When picking a black dress,

Girls must grasp the principles described above,

This way you can wear a sexy, slim figure,

Girls remember to pick “high waist dresses”,

Or paired with the “backless cut” style,

This will bring out the slim, good figure,

Let the look in the wedding photo look bumpy!

  Fleshy bride must see   A dress instantly loses 5 kilograms postthin28postthin29

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