Overseas Weddings Travel Pre-Wedding Photo Best Shots of the Top 6 Taipei Pre-Wedding Attractions
Overseas Weddings Travel Pre-Wedding Photo Best Shots of the Top 6 Taipei Pre-Wedding Attractions
Overseas Weddings Travel Pre-Wedding Photo Best Shots of the Top 6 Taipei Pre-Wedding Attractions

Overseas Weddings Travel Pre-Wedding Photo Best Shots of the Top 6 Taipei Pre-Wedding Attractions
I want to make the wedding photos full of street scenes and features of my hometown, but I don’t know how to make a wedding photo with changing styles. Xiao Bian then planned the most complete overseas wedding photography for everyone. The best 6 wedding photos in Taipei, in these Taipei wedding photos, newcomers can shoot different wedding pictures and styles, with Xiaobian carefully recommended wedding dresses and dresses, which can make the wedding photos of the couples look more perfect and classic!

As the Taipei people, are they the same as Xiaobian? I want to make the wedding photos full of the streetscapes and features of my hometown, but I don’t know how to make a wedding photo with different styles. Girls, don’t worry! Xiao Bian then planned the most complete “Six Taipei Wedding Photo Spots” for everyone. In these Taipei wedding photos, the newcomers can take a very different wedding picture and style, with the small series carefully recommended by everyone. Wedding dresses and dresses can make the wedding photos of the couples look perfect and classic! Now, follow the footsteps of Xiaobian and enjoy the beautiful wedding photos!


How can wedding photos be less “European architecture” attractions! ?

The best European architecture is to go to “Datong University”!

[Wedding Photography] Wedding Spotsx Datong University

Address: Section 3, Zhongshan North Road, Zhongshan District, Taipei40#

Photographing costs: 200Yuan (you pay for the card)

Parking: None

Venue rental: If the newcomer is not an alumnus, you must first fill out the “Wedding Photography Application” on the official website of Datong University. Room ! If the newcomer is an alumnus of Datong University, you should also download the application form for Datong University Alumni Back to School Wedding Photography. After the completion of the reporte-mail or fax the information indicated in the application. If you have other venue rentals, please contact the General Affairs Office(02-25925252Transfer2350) Hey!

Introduction to wedding photography attractions: “Datong University” is a famous wedding photography venue in Taipei. The entire campus is built in the style of “European architecture.” The most famous educational research museum on campus is an imitation European-style building. In addition to the appearance of the mountain, the wall also carries a retro clock. The side of the building extends out of the Roman column arcade, which is also very suitable for taking pictures! The campus is a pure ivory white, with green trees and grasslands on the side. It can provide new people to shoot “picnic wedding photos”. There are stone paths paved by ivory white stone bricks on the grassland, even if it is not in the country. In addition, you can also feel the European atmosphere and leisure time! After walking a long way on campus, you can see that there is a stone gray fountain on the campus, which is also very suitable for wedding photo viewing! In addition, newcomers can also find “Japanese architecture” in “Datong University”! On the side of the university campus, the “Zhisheng Memorial Hall” is a two-story Japanese-style building. If the newcomer wants to create a different style for the wedding photos, you can take a look at the “Zhisheng Memorial Hall”!

Wedding/Gown recommendation: Want to make the noble and classical atmosphere of “European architecture”? Xiao Bian strongly recommends that the bride choose a set of “white gauze” or “transparent white gauze” and choose a set of “long tail” styles to make the long tail appear on the ivory stone steps in “Datong University”. Unlimited momentum, showing the beauty and elegance of the queen in the wedding photos! In addition, Xiao Bian recommended that girls can prepare a “long veil”, let the veil float in the breeze, creating a romantic and beautiful feeling for the wedding photos!


If you want to shoot “Wenqing Wedding Photo”, how can you reduce the red brick wall and the tree vine scenery! ?

Come to the “Huashan Literary Center” to shoot the literary wind!

[Wedding Photography] Wedding Spotsx Huashan Literary Center

Address:< b>100A section of Bade Road, Zhongzheng District, Taipei1#

Phone:< b>(02)2358 1914

Introduction to wedding photography attractions: Do you want to take a wedding photo of “Wen Qingfeng”? The young couples must go to the “Huashan Yiwen Park” to take a wedding photo! In the “Huashan Yiwen Park” there is a whole piece of red brick wall, which can take the atmosphere of retro wedding photos, so that the wedding photos look extraordinarily rich in style. In addition to the red brick wall, there is a large scene of tree vines wrapped around the wall, which can create a mysterious and romantic atmosphere for wedding photos! In the vicinity of Huashan, there is a Huashan prairie. The prairie can provide new people to take a fresh and natural wedding style. You can choose a photo of the wedding in “Huashan Art and Literature Center”. You can take a variety of rich wedding photos!

Wedding/Gown recommendation: If you want to take a wedding photo of “Wen Qingfeng” at the “Huashan Art and Literature Center”, Xiaobian recommends two People can wear “black wear” and wear “black clothing” to wear a personal style, not only can make the wedding photos look mysterious, with the architectural features of “Huashan Cultural and Creative Center”, will make the wedding photos It looks more personal and full of color conflicts!


Want to take a “Chinese dress” classic wedding photo?

Be sure to come to200The history of Lin Antai,

Photographing Chinese wedding dresses!

[Wedding Photography] Wedding Spotsx Lin Antai Ancient Library

Address:No.5 Binjiang Street, Zhongshan District, Taipei

Opening Hours: Every Tuesday to Sunday 09:00am to 17:00pm
(Closed on Mondays and folk festivals)

Photographing costs: Free

Introduction to wedding photography attractions: Do you like bridges, running water, and Chinese-style buildings? Come to “Lin An Tai Gu Yu” to view it! “Lin An Tai Gu Yu” has experienced200More than a year, it is a very famous “闽式建筑” ! The newcomers who are framing here can take a very traditional “闽-style architecture”. Xiao Bian suggested that newcomers can also take a look at the “Gu Yu Shan” and “Yue Mei Pool” next to “Lin An Tai Gu Yu” to add a wedding dress. Take a picture of the changes!

The vintage color of “Guru” can make the wedding look more textured, if new people want to take a wedding photo in “Gupyu” You can choose the well-known “Lin An Tai Gu Yu”. In addition to the “闽-style architecture” feature of “Lin An Tai Gu Yu”, new people who are photographed in “Lin An Tai Gu Yu” can also photograph the vicinity of the ancient temple. “Gu Yushan” and “Yuemei Pool”. In addition, newcomers who look at the “Gu Yu Shan” can take a picture of the “magic mountain” symbolizing Shan Shantou. The color of “rockery” is the gray-black color of the ink painting style, which can make the wedding photos look more historical! In addition, new people who take wedding photos in “Muemei Pool” can photograph the pool of water reflecting the green scene. The picture looks quiet and beautiful! In addition, the location of the framing can be focused on the “Red Couplet”, “Red Lantern”, “Dragon Flower Hall”, “Longjing”, “Tiger Well”, “Southern Dovetail Roof”, “Red Stone Floor”, “Under the Stone” Patterned column” Oh!

Wedding/Gown recommendation: Want a wedding photo to create a sense of conflict? Girls can wear “transparent white gauze” to take wedding photos here, creating a conflict between “Western wedding dresses” and “Chinese architecture”! If the bride wants to make the wedding photo more full of Chinese traditional atmosphere, she can wear the “modified cheongsam”, so that the “modified cheongsam” will show her beautiful figure and body shape, showing the girl’s body shape. Advantages, make women’s taste more prominent!


Want to be the heroine of the “vogue” magazine cover?

Not ready to go to the Xinyi District to shoot the black dress style!

[Wedding Photography] Wedding Spotsx Taipei 101/Xinyi District

Site Rental: There is no need to take a photo at the “Grand Women’s Department Store”, but only for shooting outside the department store, newcomers can’t go to the company. Take a wedding photo inside!

Introduction to wedding photography attractions: If you want to take a photo of a magazine cover, be sure to come to Taipei at night101“, “Xinyi District” filmed a series Classic night view wedding photos! At night, the street scene of Taipei can be photographed with a bright light, as well as the constant flow of traffic and crowds! Located in the Xinyi District, the “Poly Plaza” is also known as the “Grandma Department Store”. Here you can also take pictures of European architecture. You can take a wedding photo in the ivory marble brick wall to create a luxurious and luxurious wedding atmosphere. ! The appearance of the “Grandmaid Department Store” at night can create a civilized atmosphere of the western country’s streets for wedding photos, as well as a brightly lit night scene, and a completely different atmosphere during daytime shooting. Newcomers can choose the one they want to shoot according to their favorite atmosphere. Wedding time!

Wedding/Gown recommendation: Newcomers who take wedding photos at night can wear a luxurious “black dress” to make the wedding photos look more mysterious and noble! In addition to wearing a “black dress”, newcomers can also wear “leather clothes” with the wear of casual clothes, so that the picture of the wedding photos is more varied! After putting on the “leather”, the girls can match the “white tutu” or a “white skirt” to show off their slender legs and let them show their perfect proportion in the wedding photos!


Want to make an “American street beat” atmosphere?

It’s the Taipei East District that is going to the cybershop
Take a sly personalized wedding photo!

[Wedding Photography] Wedding Spotsx Taipei East Side

Introduction to wedding photography attractions: There are many unique cybershops in the “Taipei East”, as well as cultural streets and alleys. Newcomers can take pictures of the corner of the city. There are many large and small American graffiti on the mottled wall. It is very suitable for “casual wedding photos” to view here. If you want to take a casual photo of your wedding dress, you can Take a look at the roadway! Among these distinctive cybershops, “Joyrich Apparel shop’s exterior wall full of flowers, newcomers can take a romantic and beautiful atmosphere here, girls can wear a floral dress, you can shoot A romantic atmosphere like spring!

Wedding/Gown recommendation: Do you want to shoot the atmosphere of the Taipei East District? Girls can wear a “flower dress” with a pair of simple white casual shoes to make their looks look simple and full of retro! Boys can wear a “plain top” with jeans or a pair of black trousers to make your body look slender and stylish! If you want to take a casual wedding dress with a stylish look, just add a pair of sunglasses to smash it!


Night scenery wedding photos must have a beautiful “Ferris wheel”,

Only in “Beautiful China” can you shoot the night scene!

[Wedding Photography] Wedding Spotsx Beautiful China

Address: 20, Jingye 3rd Road, Zhongshan District, Taipei

Price: 150 yuan for one to five; 200 yuan for adults for six days.

Recommended attractions: Ferris wheel, carousel

Opening Hours: Daily 01:00~24:00

Introduction to wedding photography attractions: Take a wedding photo in “Beautiful China”, whether it is shooting in the morning or shooting at night, you can shoot great Atmosphere! During the day, Miramar can make a lively and youthful atmosphere in the amusement park, so that the wedding photos are full of adults and children’s smiles, so that everyone on the scene is infected with the happy atmosphere of the couple! If you take a wedding photo at night, you can take a beautiful and colorful night view of Miramar. The colorful Ferris wheel looks brighter and brighter in the dark night. It can reflect the color and tailoring of the dress, so that the wedding photo The picture looks more dreamy and colorful! Xiao Bian recommended that the couples take the “balloon” and “English alphabet props” to the scene to shoot, which can make the wedding photo more sweet, and make the wedding photos look more lively and colorful!

Wedding/Gown recommendation: Want to make wedding photos look lively and youthful? Put on the bright and bright “yellow dress” and “pink dress” with the cut of “small skirt” to make your look look fluffy and elegant! Or use the “denim jacket” with a plain top, so that the wedding photo is full of fun, creating a casual atmosphere for daily life, creating a daily ordinary happiness picture!


One hundred netizens unanimously recommended wedding photo route planning,

It’s just to take a look at the amazing wedding style!

Datong University→Huashan Wenchuang→Lin Antai厝→Taipei 101/Xinyi District→Taipei East District→Beautiful China

Being professional and caring for wedding photos,

All good global travel videos are given!

After watching the “Taipei Wedding Spots” recommended by Xiaobian for everyone, the couple Are they deeply attracted by these beautiful wedding photos? Now pick up the other half of the hand and find us in “Let’s take a global tour”! “Good Global Travel” will make girls the most shining star in the wedding photos, adding a moving temperament to the beautiful girls, and will make the boys become the most handsome existence in the wedding photos, let the boys They are the most eye-catching focus in the photo!


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