The bride must watch the overseas travel photography. The color of the wedding dress and the scenery are perfect .

Don’t worry, Xiaobian will introduce a series of wedding styles that are suitable for shooting wedding photos in nature.
When girls are shooting magnificent mountain views or blue seascapes, just wear these beautiful wedding dresses and dresses.
The color of the wedding dress and the scenery are perfect .

When girls are photographing wedding photos outdoors, will they worry that their figure does not look strong enough in a magnificent scene?

Don’t worry, Xiaobian will introduce a series of wedding styles that are perfect for wedding photos in nature,

When girls are shooting spectacular mountain views or blue seascapes, just wear these beautiful wedding dresses and dresses,

You can set off your own beautiful figure, even the wonders of nature can’t hide the beauty of girls,< /p>

It will add color to the girls’ beautiful figure! Now watch the footsteps of Xiaobian,

Look at the color of the dress and how to match the wedding photos of nature!

Outside the wedding dress, choose the dress tips, let you shoot the most attractive wedding dress Photo!

The lines and shapes of the dresses should be obvious, and the photo effect will be more intense!

When girls choose a dress outside, they don’t need to pay attention to the small diamonds, detailed lace, and embroidery patterns on the dress,

The decoration of these details will not be the focus when taking a wedding photo outside. The wedding photo will focus on the overall tailoring and color of the dress,

So when choosing a dress outside, girls should focus on the color, tailoring, and hem design of the dress,

Select a style with strong design and exaggerated lines, so that the effect of wedding photos will look more obvious!

When shooting a wedding photo, girls can choose a skirt style, with a fluffy and airy dress hem,

Let yourself look more eye-catching in outdoor scenes, and the overall shape will be more stereoscopic!


Want to make the wedding photo look richer?

The difference in dress color is obvious enough!

When girls choose the color of the dress, they can choose the color of the dress with different color difference,

This way, when shooting different scenes, the difference in the wedding photos itself will be larger, and the screen will be different,

When girls choose wedding photos, they can find out what style they like and how they look!


Try more styles of dresses that you can’t wear, and shoot different!

When shooting a wedding photo, girls can choose a skirt and a long tail style,

Try on the dress style that is different from the wedding dress, try different styles of dress!

In addition, girls can also break through their style by taking a wedding photo,

Wear out different ones, try different shapes, so wedding photos will be more commemorative,

In the days to come, girls will see wedding photos every time,

It will be deeply fascinated by the beautiful and touching ones at that time!


Outdoor shooting wedding photos, roughly divided into mountains, seas, grasslands, streetscapes, cities,

So choose a dress according to the scenery!

There are different attractions for wedding photos, and the dresses and wedding dresses and tailorings that are required are different,

When choosing a wedding photo, if the girls want to take a picture of “forest” or “grassland”,

You can choose the style of the wedding hem that is more exaggerated and the lines are obvious, with the light color of the dress,

This way, your figure will look stronger in the wedding photos, and the girls will look more light and lively!

If girls choose to take a wedding photo in “City Street View” or “Department Store”,

You can match a dress with a strong color, such as red, black, and dark green,

The dresses of these colors are more modern and will make the girls look more eye-catching,

Recommended for girls to choose a slim dress style, which can be fishtail, a-line tailoring,

This way the girls will look softer in front of buildings with strong lines,

The beauty of the conflict between the scene and the scene will also make it look more eye-catching!


The most important thing to take a wedding photo is to be “skinny”, and the skirt can make you look at your waist. It’s more slender!

When girls take wedding photos, the most important thing is to look “skinny”!

The “waist” is the part that best highlights the girl’s body shape. Do you want to know how to make the waist look thinner?

Girls can choose a dress with a “waist belt” around their waist, or choose a “banded dress”,

Let the dress itself look more personal, so when taking a wedding photo,

It is possible to highlight the slim waist of the girls!

In addition, there is a small way to make girls’ waists look thinner,

Just pick a “dress” and let the exaggerated dress hem bring out your waist,

Let the airy wedding hem show your waist curve,

The effect of this dress will make the girls look more stereoscopic!


The whole body shape is just a key point!

When girls choose a dress with a “skirt style”, when pairing with jewelry,

It’s mainly simple, so the focus of the wedding photos will focus on the girls’ dress design,

Conversely, if the girls are taking a wedding photo and want to present a luxurious style,

You can choose a piece of elegant white yarn with a noble rhinestone jewelry,

Or match the embroidered lace shawl and focus on the upper body,

The lower body is elegant and generous, making you look as elegant as the Queen!

Girls remember to put a focus on the body, so the wedding photos will look more classic!


Wedding color+Photographing scenes like this,< /p>

Make sure you are the most beautiful spot in your wedding!

“Green Grass”How do you make a romantic wedding photo?

Wedding is to pick“Powder Color”, “Lavender”, “Water Blue”!

[Wedding Photography] Wedding PhotoxPink Skin Dress

Gown recommendation: This group of “powder color dresses” is exaggerated and conspicuous,

It looks like a flower on the grassland,

Not only can the girls look more conspicuous,

Elegant colors are paired with the sights of nature,

It doesn’t seem to be too awkward, but it also shows the romantic atmosphere of wedding photos,

Let the girls’ eyes naturally blend into the natural context,

It’s perfect for girls who like to go fresh and natural!


[Wedding Photography] Wedding PhotoxLavender Dress

Gown recommendation: Want to make yourself look romantic and light?

The color of this “lily dress” is light and pretty,

With the hem, the cut is simple and simple, just wear it,

It will look very temperament!

The hem of this dress is simple, but the shape of the upper body is very eye-catching,

There are many small diamonds and pearls on it,

So when girls are taking wedding photos,

The upper body doesn’t need a lot of styling accessories to set off your fresh temperament,

The overall visual look looks generous and elegant,

You can create a romantic and natural atmosphere when shooting a “lying position”!


[Wedding Photography] Wedding PhotoxWater Blue Dress

Gown recommendation: “water blue dress” plus the color of the green grassland,

will make girls look pretty like elves,

The water blue dress can not only be white, but also looks very temperament,

With the neckline design of the upper part of the dress, “Yarn”,

It will make girls look sexy and cute, if you don’t want to show too much skin,

The design of this dress is very suitable for you!

It will make the girls’ upper body look slender and white,

It also highlights the girl’s collarbone and arm lines,

Let the girls look sexy and pretty,

It’s as close as a girl next door!


“Lush Forest”How to shoot a bride style of?

Wedding is to pick“Water Blue”, “Bright Red”, “Light Orange”, “Lake Green” !

[Wedding Photography] Wedding PhotoxWater Blue Wedding Dress

Gown recommendation: When taking a wedding photo, this “water blue wedding dress” shines in the sun,

It will look bright and light, perfect for petite and cute girls!

It’s a skirt that looks sharp and airy in the woods,

The exaggerated cut of the lower body has a pattern design, plus the design of the upper body,

It will make the girls’ body look more obvious, highlighting the girls’ curves,

With the forest scene behind the upper body, you can show the slim figure of the girl,

It is a dress that is very suitable for shooting outside the forest!


[Wedding Photography] Wedding PhotoxBright red wedding dress

Gown recommendation: When you want to make a wedding photo, if you want to make your body look sexy and feminine,

The color of this “bright red wedding dress” can show the girl’s good looks,

With the effect of the air hem of the dress hem and the fallen lines, the girls can look elegant and elegant,

If girls want to make the whole body look pretty and cute,

Just tie a single ponytail or add a small hair accessory to your makeup!


[Wedding Photography] Wedding PhotoxLight Orange Wedding Dress

Gown recommendation: The hem of this “light orange wedding dress” is irregular and looks pretty and natural,

After putting on this wedding dress, the girls will look a little more temperament next door girl,

With the green tree view next to the upper body, you can bring out the fresh temperament of the girls,

A “light orange dress” with a scene of a “forest”,

Absolutely the choice of girls who like cute styles!


[Wedding Photography] Wedding PhotoxLake Green Wedding Dress

Gown recommendation: Girls who shoot wood scenes, just wear this “lake green wedding dress”,

It will look more eye-catching in the wedding photos! This dress itself is a short, long, long design,

Can highlight the leg lines of girls, plus the often tailing of the dress,

When you take a wedding photo, it looks very powerful!

In addition, because of the exaggerated and conspicuous “bow” in the waist of this dress,

Plus the exaggerated and rich layers of the wedding hem, so when the girls are taking pictures,

The waist will look slimmer and the legs will look slimmer!


“Flowerscape”It’s about feeling romantic and colorful,

Would you like to be more eye-catching than the flower scene?

The wedding dress must be picked“water blue”, “cherry red”!

[Wedding Photography] Wedding PhotoxWater Blue Wedding Dress

Gown recommendation: When girls are shooting eye-catching and beautiful flowers,

Would you be worried that standing in front of the flower scene is not obvious enough?

Come on this brightly colored “water blue wedding dress”,

Let the light blue dress hem bring out your own lightness and shape!

The upper body tailoring of this aqua blue dress is very special,

It is a classical cheongsam collar that highlights the neck lines of girls,

It will also make the chest line have a concentrated effect, which will make the girls look more sexy!

In addition, because the translucent design of the upper part of the dress will make the upper body of the girl look looming,

This dress design can make girls besides sex, but also with the girl’s pretty and fresh temperament!


[Wedding Photography] Wedding Photoxcherry red wedding dress

Gown recommendation: In front of the romantic and gorgeous flower scene, girls can choose this “two-piece dress”,

Let the two-piece dress design show its own atmosphere, and add a romantic scene to the wedding photo,

Not only looks sexy and gorgeous, but also makes the girls look super eye-catching!

The hem of this dress is a two-piece design, so after wearing it,

The girls’ waists will look slimmer, plus the design of the upper half of the heart,

The focus of the wedding will be on the girls’ upper body,

This kind of wearing effect will only have one focus in the wedding photo,

You can achieve the effect of deepening your impressions!


“Blue Seascape”How to make a youthful feel?

Wedding is to pick“Pink”, “Pink Skin”, “Bright Orange”!

[Wedding Photography] Wedding PhotoxPink Wedding Dress

Gown recommendation: When shooting a wedding photo of a seascape, be sure to match this “pink wedding dress”,

This wedding dress is a short and long design, when shooting a wedding photo of the sea,

The girls will look even lighter! With the blue sky behind and the blue water,

It can bring out the elegant temperament of pink dress, so that girls look pretty like elves in wedding photos,

As long as you match a simple and delicate corolla, you can make a perfect wedding photo!


[Wedding Photography] Wedding PhotoxPink Colour Wedding Dress

Gown recommendation: In addition to the pink wedding dress, girls can also try this more elegant pink complexion dress,

After putting it on, the girls’ chest line and the lower body will look more obvious,

Emphasize the pretty temperament of girls and the sexy upper body!

This pink-coloured dress is set against the blue sky behind the ocean,

The color will look more conspicuous, plus the multi-layered lines of the dress hem,

It will highlight the lines of the dress itself, making the girls look more dreamy and younger!


“Magnificent Rocks”How do I get the most beautiful wedding photos?

Wedding is to choose this super-eye “Rose Red”!

[Wedding Photography] Wedding PhotoxRose Red Wedding Dress

Gown recommendation: When shooting mountain scenery, girls must match this “Rose Red Dress”,

Let your figure look eye-catching and pretty! The color of this dress is far away or close,

It can be exquisite and elegant, and its upper body is simple and layered,

Even if the girl does not have any exaggerated or dazzling decorations, it can bring out the noble temperament of the girls!

The hem-style gauze fabric of the dress will make the girls look light and young,

With the hard and resolute mountain rock behind the upper body, you can set off the soft texture of the dress,

Let the girls look young and pretty, and let the girls have a bit more conflicting beauty between the figure and the mountain view!


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