Overseas wedding dresses Travel wedding photography , feel the romantic atmosphere in the self-help travel !
Overseas wedding dresses Travel wedding photography , feel the romantic atmosphere in the self-help travel !

Are you an adventurous boy?

You must choose “Overseas Wedding Dress” and explore the unknown of the world with her!

Are you a girl who likes to look happy during a trip?

You must choose “Overseas Wedding Dresses”,

Let him leave memories of two people in different corners of the world!

The beauty of the country and the humanity style have always kept you in mind,

Want to take her beloved, I will once again embark on the journey of that day and walk through those familiar streets,

Leave your sweet and loving presence at the sights you have traveled to,

Let the wedding photos record the footprints of both of you and the truest face of love.

Want to write a love story for two of them in a beautiful scenery with her,

But I don’t know where to start, I don’t know how to plan a wedding trip?

Want to take a wedding photo with her overseas,

But expensive expenses and expenses can’t help you?

If these worries are still worrying about your stagnation of your overseas wedding trip,

Please let“好拍全球旅拍”To fulfill your dreams of this life,

Let the brave boys firmly hold the girls’ hands and let the happy girls put on the beautiful Wedding dress,

On this journey of joy together, leaving two happy people in different corners of the world !

Overseas wedding dresses can actually be a trip to go.
No expensive and dazzling prices,
You only need to pay for the airfare and accommodation of the three photographers, lighting engineers, and stylists.
There is no need to plan a long-term wedding photo shoot, only one day of wedding photography time,
You can record the love of the two people and take a wedding photo that impresses both of them.
Let newcomers have more time to explore the local cultural characteristics, leaving two people’s footprints in every corner!

Overseas Wedding x Okinawa

Go into the blue coast and walk into the blue sky and blue sky,

Photograph wedding photos in comfortable weather and enjoy the breeze gently blowing your wedding dress,

Under the green trees and the blue sea, take the look of the two people’s love, let the blue sea attractions adorn your wedding photos,

This is a simple trip to let the sun and the lagoon witness the love of both of you and write down the eternal memories!


Here you can take a picture of “American Village” Round, with a playful color to embellish the wedding photos of the two.

You can also take an elephant nose shape in “万万毛” The cliffs of the coast allow the wonders of nature to witness the happiness of both!

Or, you can take the most pictures in “Okinawa International Channel” Street view with local Japanese characteristics,

Let your colorful streets make your love!


Overseas Wedding x Macau

I want to take the old and retro atmosphere of the “European” streetscape,

But don’t want to take a long time on the plane and endure the feeling of being unable to move?

In “Macau”, you can take retro European street scenes and let European style buildings light up your wedding photos!


At night, “Paris Tower Macau lights up in the night That scene will illuminate the faces of both of you,

Give your love with the splendour of the lights and the romance of both of you!

postoversea06-macao Postoversea07-macao

Go into “Love Lane” to record the love between the two of you Footprint, portraying the happiness of both of you,

Let the ordinary look of life, write the truest look of love, become part of your memories!


In the “Venice Hotel”, light up with a splendid building The love of both of you,

Let the arches, small canals and stone roads with Venetian culture to portray your wedding pictures,

Write a noble and luxurious picture for this wedding trip and write a stunning wedding photo of the palace.

postoversea09-macao Postoversea10-macaopostoversea11-macaopostoversea12-macao

Overseas Wedding x Bali

How busy you are, how long have you not started a small trip with her beloved,

Leave two people’s footprints on the white sand, under the kiss of the sun,

Wake up together in a comfortable big bed and get up in a relaxed mood, ready to start the day.

Selecting a wedding photo in Bali, not only to take pictures of the surrounding beauty, but also to see the endless blue sky and white clouds,

You can also enjoy the happy time of both of you and get up at the moment the sun kisses your cheeks,

Start a beautiful and relaxing beach trip.

Leave your life’s troubles and stress, you can wear a light dress and take a leisurely and beautiful wedding photo,

In the sunlight, let the surface of the dress shine through the faint gleam of the girl’s body shape,

At the moment you hold your hand, enjoy the moment when the sari and the cool sea kiss the toes!


Here, you can host a “water wedding” Wedding photography photographed the “water blue wedding” of both of you,

Photograph the romantic blue sky and the white clouds to make the most realistic and fascinating wedding scene!


You can also hold a “beach wedding” on both sides of the white beach,

Let the magnificent scenery of the sky and sea witness the happy moments between the two of you,

No time pressure, no annoying weather, only a small trip between the two of you!


Overseas Wedding x Guam

Water blue church, endless blue sky, marble white exterior,

put on a gauzy dress, in the breeze of the light, let the group pose contrast with the blue sky.


In “Guam”, taking a wedding photo can be more than just taking a photo,

It can also be a small trip with only two of you, or a vacation that is unfamiliar,

In every blue sky and white cloud, you will write down the love face that belongs to you,

In the scene of the sky and the sea, depict the happy moments of both of you.


“Guam” has a well-known natural attraction “Love 岬” , you can see the magnificent coastal landscape,

From here, you can see the Dumont Bay in the city center and see the blend of civilization and nature!

Here sweet lovers can lock up the “love lock” and use this little lock to lock the happiness of both of you,

Also locks the love between you and makes a small move to sculpt the process of overseas wedding photography,

Let the girls think of this moment every time, a sweet smile on their faces.


Or, ring that “Love Bell”, let the bell Witness your own happiness,

Use the loud bell to announce the love of both of you to the world.

There was an old legend, just ring this “Love Bell”,

The love between the two will last for a long time, so sweet lovers, what are you waiting for?


Overseas Wedding x Paris

The street and romance that are exclusive to Europe is the yearning for girls,

The hustle and bustle of Paris at night, the mystery of Parisian streets and romance,

There will be an indelible classic for the wedding, so that the sweet time of the two becomes a timeless,

Because of history and civilized embellishments, wedding photos will not be just wedding photos,

It’s a movie plot that witnesses the fascinating scenery of Europe, and you are the hero and heroine in this romantic story!


Into the “Arc de Triomphe” scene, Napoleon’s victory in ancient times As if it is vivid,

The majestic and solemn “Arc de Triomphe” lays more than just history The track will also depict the love of two people for you!


“Louvre Palace”Beside the Seine, in this dream In the scene,

Not only can you see the scenery of the Seine, but also let the riverside scenes decorate every corner of the wedding photo.

The night “Louvre Palace” presents not only classical The atmosphere is even more impressive!

At the moment the light is on, the wedding picture will become the scene in the movie plot,

Into the history of civilization with new people!


Here, the “Eiffel Tower of Paris” The momentum will witness the love of both of you,

Magnificent blue sky and white clouds set off the lines of the tower,

Bronze tower architecture will also highlight the exquisiteness and elegance of the wedding dress,

The beautiful figure of the girls will be reflected in these beautiful scenery,

Show the eternal beauty and create a beautiful view for two!

postoversea26-paris Postoversea27-paris

Ivory white statue, straight garden road, this is only “Tuileries Garden”< /b>There is a beautiful scenery,

The beauty and greenery here are set against a classic ivory white building,

It looks more colorful and is the most romantic background in the wedding photo. It will also be one of the sweet scenes of two people writing down happy memories!


Sparkling “Seine River”, and the sunset over the river Photographed,

The sweet and loving two are holding their hands on the riverside and writing their footprints under the majestic European architecture,

This is an indispensable scene in a wedding photo, and it is also the true love of the two!

postoversea30-paris Postoversea31-paris

Overseas Wedding x London

The dome and spire of the building, with a gloomy sky,

Specify the unique romantic atmosphere of London, England, and write a timeless love story for newcomers,

Write a unique British elegance and literary atmosphere for the wedding photo.


In “Greenwich Park”, happy two can With green grass and blue sky,

There is also a burst of afternoon light to write a wedding photo, so that the ancient British royal hunting ground left the footprints of the two of you!


Happiness at the moment when “Big Ben in London” You will leave an unchanging love in the wedding photos,

On this stone-paved street, you will walk through a stone-built street,

Leave your happiness footprint between the gray stone tiles!


“Buckingham Palace”, built with Bass limestone, and The cast iron fence is a place for the Royal Guard to change the guard ceremony.

Photographing wedding photos here can create an atmosphere that is not only a romantic and beautiful picture, but a British cultural and historical background,

These scenes will bring a different atmosphere and a sense of picture to the wedding photos, creating a wedding atmosphere with a rich history!

postoversea35-ld Postoversea36-ld

Beauty in the UK is not only the daytime scenery, but “London Eye” Against the backdrop of the night, the night spots in Britain brighten the beauty of the night,

The huge building will be the beautiful focus of the wedding photos, and will also witness the love of newcomers,

With the majestic momentum, there is an endless beauty, highlighting the brilliant figure of the two in the wedding photos!

postoversea37-ld Postoversea38-ld

As the sun rises and falls, “London Tower Bridge” Will present a different look,

It can be a timeless majestic momentum, or a romantic view of the sunset atmosphere,

However, the eternal love between newcomers, this tower bridge will write down the love history of two people!


Overseas Wedding x Shanghai

There is no trouble with long-haul flights and no expensive fees,

In the “Shanghai” wedding photos, the atmosphere can be quiet and classic,

In the colorful scenery of the night, newcomers can enjoy the breeze blowing at night,

In the wedding photo, portray the scenery of Shanghai and write about the unique cultural atmosphere of Shanghai.

The heritage of Asian culture and the quaint streets, each of which contains a blend of culture and history,

Achieved this mysterious and literary scene, one of the scenes that newcomers can’t miss to take wedding photos!

postoversea41-shanghai Postoversea42-shanghai

“Shanghai Bund” at night, pedestrians coming and going Vehicles, high-rise buildings,

Interlaced into flowing light and shadow in photos, this is a romance that no other country can create, but also a unique scene and beauty of Shanghai.


In the “Waibaiduqiao”, take a wedding photo and take a picture of the bridge. The sense of line makes the hard bridge set off the softness of the dress,

Let the sunset decorate every corner of the wedding photo, let the shining bridge reflect the happy face of the newcomer,

Write the civilization and characteristics of the city for the wedding photos, and write the human civilization into the wedding photos!


Into the “Sinan Mansion”, not only the eyes that come into view It is a beautiful garden,

It is a paradise that combines business, hospitality, residence and office,

The wedding scene here will be integrated into the characteristics and civilization of buildings in the UK, France, Spain, etc.

Use the exotic architectural features to lead the sweet two together to write the happiness of the two in the beauty!


Overseas Wedding x Prague

This is the capital of the Czech Republic and the largest city in the Czech Republic. It is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe,

It is also a collection of Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque and other architectural styles,

Add a colorful “red tile yellow wall” to the wedding photo,

There is a rich cultural atmosphere and unparalleled beauty!

postoversea46-blg Postoversea47-blg

Photographing wedding photos outside “St. Vitus Cathedral” A green-green mesh vault will appear in it,

The power of the church building and the majestic testimony of the firmness and eternity of love.

The Gothic ornate vault features the architectural features of the building, with the lines and patterns of the building’s exterior,

There will be a dreamy yet timeless classic for the wedding photos!


“Prague Astronomical Clock in Prague is a medieval astronomy Bell,

It stands in the old town square and witnesses the rise and fall of historical civilization,

will also leave a permanent imprint on the love of the two, becoming a symbol of time in the wedding,

Establish newcomers to write an unchanging love!


“Kulennov” in the name of “Fairy Town” Yellow house visible everywhere, with a red roof,

There are also small courtyards that make this a fairytale-like fantasy scene,

In the picture of fallen leaves, the romance and beauty of wedding photos will be the best blessing for newcomers!

postoversea51-blg Postoversea52-blg

In the “Old Town Square”, the clear blue sky and a pointed building surrounded by four sides,

It seems to be guarding this ancient square, and it will also guard the love between new people,

Around the various styles of church buildings, including the Gothic architecture of the Tyne Church, the Baroque St. Nicholas Church,

The wedding photos will cover the colorful colors and the atmosphere of cultural history!

postoversea53-blg Postoversea54-blg

Overseas Wedding x Seoul

In the beautiful winter, the hustle and bustle of the sun shines on the romantic snow scene,

Snow flakes are like jubilant elves, witnessing the happy times of both,

This moving white world is the best gift the land gives newcomers,

It’s also the moment when nature witnesses the two’s strong love.


There is a “Seoul Tower” at the top of Namsan Mountain in Seoul, South Korea. /p>

This is not only a symbolic landmark of Seoul and South Korea, but also a beautiful wedding spot for Seoul.

In a romantic and beautiful night, the dreamy Seoul Tower will shine brightly,

Light up Seoul in the darkness of the night, and also light the love between the newcomers, and write down the romance between the two!


N Seoul Tower

“Song Myeongdong” is a lively streetscape and a stream of people.

It’s a lively scene of a street wedding photo. Lights in the dark will light up every corner of the wedding photo,

Let the fascinating night scene become the most beautiful outfit in a wedding photo.


Go into “Bukchon Hanok Village”, in this quiet In the paradise,

Photographing the happiness of two people is the most ordinary but most precious look of love!

In this overseas wedding tour, sweet two people can be in this quiet paradise,

Leave a leisurely afternoon to make this beautiful scene a happy time for two!

postoversea59-seoul Postoversea60-seoul

Retract her hand and step through the snow-covered path into ” Seoraksan National Park ,

Write the love of two people in a white snow scene,

Use the cleanliness of white snow and a white wedding dress,

Use the beauty of nature to bring out your love and happiness!


Overseas Wedding x Hokkaido

In the snowy white world, put on a beautiful dress and walk into this beautiful picture,

The picture of the wedding photo will become a scene in a fairy tale, sweet you will leave an eternal love here,

Write the love story that belongs to you with the most realistic every move!


Adventurous, you can take her hand in “Snowy Valley”Ski, enjoy the excitement that speed brings you,

Enjoy the sense of speed of the cold wind, and between the joy and the tension, seize every impulse of good memories!


Photographing wedding photos in “Hokkaido”, not just taking a snow scene Romantic atmosphere and sweet love atmosphere,

The two happy people can taste the delicious seafood here, and write down the memories of the two with the food,

In the future, just think of this little trip to the wedding dress,

The sweet scene of tasting food will come to mind in the minds of both of them, affecting the sweet smile of the two people!

postoversea64-bhd Postoversea65-bhd

Photographing overseas wedding dresses can be as simple as

Only need a heart that loves to travel, and a strong love between two people,

Plus“Let’s take a global travel shoot”Able to give both people a caring, professional service,

You can keep your love in different corners of the world,

Let a wedding photo commemorate the beautiful love between you!

Before making an overseas wedding dress, you must choose ” Three reasons to take a global tour”

01. In the process of overseas wedding dresses, you only need to arrange a day to take a wedding photo,

Other time newcomers can travel by themselves and taste local Gourmet and enjoy the local culture.

02. The cost of newcomers already includes the cost of photographers, lighting engineers, and stylists,

The price already includes a return ticket for the staff member, Accommodation, Visa/Import and export fees, the price is transparent!

03. “Good Global Travel” works with quality travel agencies,

Newcomer travel can be handed over to Global Travel Guide” travel agency planning,

Photo day to leave time for “good shots Global Travel Shooting”.

I want to give her an unforgettable surprise Don’t know what to do?

Want to explore this unknown world, Are you happy in different corners of the world?

Because I don’t know what’s in the distance, Going out of here to find out, isn’t it?

The team that “Good Global Travel” can give newcomers more than just discounted prices,

The spirit of being willing to explore the beauty with newcomers, as well as the ability to take great views.

As long as you give it to us, we will take a picture of the classics in the historical civilization.

Use each of the classic wedding photos to create memories that are exclusive to both of you!


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