Travel recommendation , Teaching to take [ Vivian Hsu ] pre-wedding photo style | overseas wedding photography
Travel recommendation , Teaching to take [ Vivian Hsu ] pre-wedding photo style | overseas wedding photography

Want to take a leisurely and relaxed atmosphere of the wedding photos, so that the sweet interaction between the two looks fresh and unpretentious in the wedding photos, but I don’t know. Where do you shoot the most beautiful wedding photos with a “fresh natural atmosphere”? The young couples must be the same as Xiaobian. They want to take a natural and fresh atmosphere of “Xu Ruoqi’s wedding photos” and also want to make wedding photography a “small trip”! Therefore, Xiao Bian will introduce the most popular props for “Traveling Wedding Photo” and the list of the location of “Travel Wedding Photo”, so that the newcomers can easily take a classic “Travel Style Wedding Photo”. !


Travel Wind Wedding Essentials List

Wedding PropsxPicnic
The must-have scene of “Prairie Wedding Photo”, you can create a leisurely atmosphere for travel with a picnic mat, a bunch of dry flowers, and a basket of picnic props!
Wedding PropsxBalloons
A bunch of colorful “balloons” are the best props for rich wedding photos. With them, wedding photos are not monotonous!
Wedding PropsxDry Flowers
The most versatile wedding photo props are “dry flowers”! As long as you have a dry flower, you can take a high quality wedding photo!
Wedding PropsxWindcoat
Fashion wedding photos, Wenqing wedding photos can not be less “windbreaker”! As long as you put it on, everyone is the protagonist in the Korean drama!
Wedding PropsxLuggage
Want to create a “travel-style wedding photo”, you can easily get a “travel box”!
Wedding Propsx Denim Jacket
The combination of fashion and fashion is to wear a “denim jacket”, whether it is with “white gauze” or “supra”T” can be a fashion spokesperson!
Wedding PropsxBicycle
The two couples who like “Campus Wedding Photo” must make “Bicycle” into the mirror. Whether it is carrying people or holding a car, they can show two Good feelings of people.
Wedding propsx Veiled
Want to wear the casual feeling of “casual wedding photos”, and want to take a romantic atmosphere of “wedding photos”, it is right to match the “vomble”!
Wedding propsx Light Casual Shoes
The most versatile shoe is the “light casual shoes”, whether it is a “white gauze” or a “denim shirt” can look impeccable!
Wedding propsx Straw Hat
Photographing wedding photos on the beach, you must not forget the most representative “straw hat” props, both boys and girls are wild!
Wedding propsx Sunglasses
Want to be handsome and want nature, a pair of “sunglasses” meets all your wishes at once!

How to shoot Xu Ruoxi’s classic wedding photos Casual style?

[Self-service wedding] wedding photo xRailway

Being a newcomer to the “railway fans”, let the “railway” scene with rich humanities and history enter the mirror together! “Railway Wedding Photo” can take a leisurely and relaxed atmosphere of wedding photos, and also can take the high quality of “retro wedding photos”! Xiao Bian suggested that newcomers can use the “short dress” and “khaki suit pants” to create a lively and relaxed feeling of wedding photos, so that both of them look younger and more energetic!

dress/Surfing recommendation: orange short dress, khaki suit pants, blue shirt, dark gray suit, white high heels

Recommended wedding props: light dry flowers, wooden suitcases, sunglasses

[Self-serve wedding dress] wedding photoxPrairie

Newcomers who like to go out in the suburbs must look at the endless “grassland”! The green color can make the wedding photos look fresh and natural. Just add the “picnic” props to make the wedding photos full of sweet and colorful colors! Want to make wedding photos look childlike? Come and enjoy the fun with the “bubble props” on the prairie! Use colorful “bubbles” to create a different effect for the wedding photos!

dress/Surfing recommendation: dark blue jeans, line capsT, black sneakers

Recommended for wedding props: national flag, love props, picnic props, picnic mat, uklele


[Self-serve wedding dress] wedding photoxRoad

Newcomers who like “retro color” can choose to take wedding photos on “Road”, so that the wedding photos look simple and classic! Xiao Bian suggested that newcomers who are looking for a “road” can wear a “white top” with a “denim shirt” to make the color of the picture look more concise, so that the wedding picture can be focused on between the two. Sweet interaction! If you want to make your wedding photos look more special, “white gauze” with “sunglasses” and “denim shirts” is definitely an unbeaten choice!

dress/Survely recommended: white gauze, one-piece white dress, denim shirt, dark jeans

Recommended wedding props: bicycle, sunglasses, English alphabet props, white letter props


[Self-serve wedding dress] wedding photoxCafé

The “Coffee Shop” is the best location for a laid-back atmosphere. Just wear a simple “denim shape” and you can take a high-quality wedding dress in the “Coffee Shop”. Photo! Xiao Bian suggested that newcomers can choose a “coffee shop” that two people often go to view, so that the location of wedding photos is more commemorative! Newcomers who look at the “Coffee Shop” can choose to take wedding photos during the day, or try to capture the romantic atmosphere of the coffee shop at night, no matter which time period you shoot, you can shoot different wedding photos!

dress/Recommendation for suits: black tops, flat white gauze, white suit pants

Recommended wedding props: light blue denim shirt, broom, antique locomotive


[Self-serve wedding dress] wedding photoxAmusement Park

Want to make the wedding photos colorful and childlike? Go to the “Amusement Park” to take a wedding photo! In the amusement park, newcomers can show off their good feelings. Whether you are shooting in the “Ferris Wheel” or shooting a wedding photo in the “Carousel”, you can shoot the age and happiness of the two! Xiao Bian suggested that newcomers can change into “small clothes style” to view the scene here, and change the picture of the wedding photos by “running”, “jumping” and “backing people”!

dress/Survely recommended: light sleeveless vest, dark top, brushed jeans, baseball cap, veil, grey dress, white pigmentT

Wedding props: sunglasses, dark watches


[Self-service wedding] wedding photo xroad

Would you like to let the street’s lively scenes and neatly arranged tree views come into view? New people can shoot a series of dynamic wedding photos on the Zebra Line! On the zebra crossing, newcomers can jump, run, or pair with a bunch of balloons and a “jumping” posture to make their figure appear in the middle of the picture! This kind of wedding photo composition is both lively and can create a fresh atmosphere, showing the vitality and creativity of newcomers! Or, a new person can add a “luggage” to make the image of “travel” look even stronger!

dress/Survely recommended: white dress, denim shirt, bowler hat, straw hat

Recommended wedding props: grey suitcase, high-iron ticket props, balloons, dolls, white dry flowers


[Self-serve wedding dress] wedding photoxForest

Like the atmosphere of nature and the leisurely feeling of walking on the trail? As long as the newcomer wears a “taucas” and a light-colored dress, you can shoot a series of fresh and natural “travel style wedding photos” in the “Forest”! Xiao Bian suggested that newcomers who are looking at the forest can choose “light-colored clothing” to match. This kind of wearing technique can make the figure of the two people look lighter, and can be more integrated into the scene of nature to create a wedding photo. A “fresh and natural” atmosphere!

dress/Surfing recommendation: white pigmentT, grey dress, light denim shorts, white casual shoes

Wedding props recommendation: white veil


[Self-service wedding] wedding photo xStreet

Even if you are shooting a “Travel Style Wedding Photo” you can also take a fashion sense! Xiaobian recommended that newcomers can take pictures on the “street”, let the crowds coming and going become the background of wedding photos, plus the appearance of each unique building, to ensure that the wedding photos look rich and not boring! The couple can take each other’s hands, walk on the street, or take a “camera” and simulate the shooting situation in the wedding photos. These two wedding photos can make the wedding photos It looks more natural!

dress/Recommendation for suits: denim vest jacket, American flag tights, black leather shoes

Recommended wedding props: colored hair bands, sunglasses, dry flowers, leather side bags

[Self-serve wedding dress] wedding photoxPort

Would you like to shoot a Korean-style wedding photo? “Port” is one of the most beautiful wedding spots to be photographed! Newcomers can wear “dark trench coats” and choose to take wedding photos at the “port” where the boats are docked, so that the natural mist will fill the wedding photos! Or, newcomers can choose to framing here at dusk, so that the warm colors of “sunset” fill every corner of the wedding photo. Such a wedding photo can not only create a parting atmosphere of “traveling wedding photos”, but also You can make the wedding photo more story-like!

dress/Surfing recommendation: black high waist skirt, light blue shirt

Recommended wedding props: black coat, dark blue tie, black and white shirt, white high heels, black shoes


[Self-service wedding] wedding photo x河堤

Would you like to take a warm, lazy atmosphere of “Traveling a Wedding Photo”? Newcomers can choose to view the riverbank, let the endless river and the blue sky bring warm colors to the wedding photos! Want to create a “romantic atmosphere” for wedding photos? Newcomers can prepare a “blazer”. When shooting a wedding photo, the boy can use a “suit jacket” to shield the girl from the cold wind. With this small move, the wedding photo can be made into a Korean drama scene!

dress/Surfing Recommendations: Black Turtleneck Sweater, Twilight Maxi Dress, Black Suit Pants, Polka Dot Chiffon Shirt

Recommended wedding props: light blue suit jacket, English alphabet version


After reading the “Travel Fashion Wedding Photo” carefully introduced by everyone, the new people are the same as Xiaobian, and they are deeply loved by these romantic and beautiful wedding photos. Deeply fascinated? Therefore, Xiaobian will recommend the most professional “Good Global Travel”. We have a full range of rich and colorful dresses, as well as the most professional and intimate styling team, as well as experienced photographers. The mouth shot the unique “Travel Style Wedding Photo” and wrote the happiness and sweetness of the two people with the most classic pictures!


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