Overseas travel pre-wedding photography 3 minutes to teach you the most popular [ light wedding dress ]!
After watching the wedding photos taken by the artists recently,

Overseas travel pre-wedding photography 3 minutes to teach you the most popular [ light wedding dress ]!

After watching the wedding photos taken by the artists recently, the girls

Is it like the Xiaobian, deeply attracted by these natural and lively wedding photos,

I want to make a simple and natural “light wedding dress”, let the simple background set off the fallen lines of the wedding dress.

Record the sweet and warm time of the two in the simplest atmosphere!

Do girls want to shoot the most popular “light wedding dress” nowadays?

Now go along with the footsteps of Xiaobian.

Let’s take a look at the natural and charming “light wedding dress”!

Four tips for “light wedding dresses,”

Let you easily take a star-like wedding photo!

“Light Wedding Dress”/ How to choose a wedding dress?

Simple, degenerate lines, can show the simplicity of “light wedding dress” and natural freshness.

It also allows girls to easily follow the movements when they take pictures.

Take the most lively wedding photos and become the most authentic love portrayal of the next two!


What is the style of “light wedding dress”?

Shooting new people in light wedding dresses, in the process of shooting wedding photos,

You can do yourself as much as you like, without having to be especially sexy or stylish.

As long as you are naturally immersed in the sweetness and happiness of the two,

It’s good to shoot the most authentic side of the two!


What kind of look does the “light wedding dress” look like?

Girls who shoot “light wedding dresses” use simple and long hair styles.

Plus simple hair accessories or small accessories, paired with natural curls or straight hair.

You can shoot the most natural and sweet “light wedding dress” Luo!


How can a “light wedding dress” wear a natural atmosphere?

When girls who want to shoot “light wedding dresses” choose dresses,

You can choose a simple and elegant dress style with a living accessory.

For example: tannin jacket, short coat, etc., with a simple white skirt,

This dress is both life-saving and simple, and it can make girls look younger!


“Light wedding dress” is to have a sense of air!

Put this “pink dress” with a short, long cut,

Let you become the most fascinating elf in a wedding photo!

[Wedding Photography] Wedding Dressesx Pink Dress

Gown recommendation: Girls who shoot “light wedding dresses” when choosing dresses or wedding dresses,

You can choose this light and simple “pink dress”.

Let the light-colored dress show your liveliness and pretty!

This “pink dress” doesn’t have much decoration, but the design of the dress hem is fluffy and exaggerated.

When shooting a wedding photo, it looks conspicuous and eye-catching, and it can also give a strong sense of air.

Plus the short, long and long design, you can show the slender legs of the girls.

Let the girls’ body proportions look slimmer and slender!

If the girls want to make the look of the body look more holistic,

You can add a simple corolla to make the upper body makeup and the lower body dress echo each other!

“Light Wedding Dress” is to wear a street fashion sense,

This “black and white color dress” lets you wear a wedding photo!

[Wedding Photography] Wedding Dressesx Black line color matching dress

Gown recommendation: This “black and white color dress” is a popular style this year.

The black lines of the dress itself will make the dress look slimmer.

Slim girls will look even thinner as soon as they wear it!

And the length of this dress is just at the girls’ calves.

Can show a sense of fallen lines, but also allow girls to take wedding photos,

Being able to run, jump, and perform various wedding shots with great movements.

This dress can not only highlight the youthfulness of the girls,

It will also show the sense of life and the natural atmosphere of “light wedding dress”!
Photographing “light wedding dresses” is also beautiful and romantic,

This “transparent dress” lets you wear simple and degenerate sex!

[Wedding Photography] Wedding Dressesx Transparent Dress

Gown recommendation:Girls who want to shoot “light wedding dresses”,

When choosing a dress, try to choose a line that is neat, simple dress cut.

This will give you a sense of life in a “light wedding dress”.

The upper part of this “transparent dress” is more close to the body, with the design of “five-point sleeves”.

Will concentrate on the lines of the chest, so that the girls’ bodies look degenerate and curved.

Very suitable for the slim, skinny girl in the upper body, plus the lower body “fishtail cut”,

It can highlight the girls’ hips and the waistline.

Just wear it and it will look very sexy!
“Light Wedding Dress” must have a natural and flowing feel,< /span>

As long as you have this “water blue dress”,

You can take a fresh and romantic “light wedding dress” atmosphere!

[Wedding Photography] Wedding Dressesx Water Blue Dress

Gown recommendation: When girls are shooting “light wedding dresses”,

If you want to present a romantic and beautiful atmosphere and want to take a strong sense of dynamics

This “water blue dress” is perfect for you! This aqua blue dress,

Because the design of the hem is more exaggerated, so just wear it,

Wedding photos will focus on the girls’ skirts, which can show a strong sense of air,

Let the girls look light and lively, just shake them,

You can make strong dynamic effects, and the interaction between newcomers looks just like real life,

This wedding scene is fresh and natural, if girls like flowing wedding photos,

Select this aqua blue dress is the best fit!

Want to be beautiful and romantic, do you want to be pretty?

Get on this “short-sleeved dress”,

Make you look young and cute!

[Wedding Photography] Wedding Dressesx Short-sleeved dress

Gown recommendation: When shooting “light wedding dresses”, girls must choose this short-sleeved dress.

Showing the temperament of nature and not making it, let the simple and degenerate dress itself set off its own pretty!

If you don’t like to expose too much skin and want to take a lively wedding photo,

This short-sleeved wedding dress is perfect for you! Pretty and simple short sleeve design can cover the girls’ arms,

With the healing effect on the chest, the chest line will be more concentrated, and the wedding dress will have a tulle design,

can make girls sexy but safe, very suitable for “light wedding” shooting!

The shape of this short-sleeved dress is not only simple but also degenerate. The length of the hem of the wedding dress is just the same,

So the shape of the dress itself looks very young, and the girls just wear it,

Whether running or jumping on the grass, you can show natural and light effects!


Would you like to wear a youthful atmosphere?

There must be this “yellow dress”,< /span>

Explore your slender legs and inadvertently show a sexy figure!

[Wedding Photography] Wedding Dressesx Yellow Dress

Gown recommendation: When taking a wedding photo, the white girls must remember to wear this “yellow dress”!

The “yellow dress” will make the white girls look more eye-catching in the wedding photos.

If the girls choose to take wedding photos outdoors,

Just add a “backlight effect” to show the flowing feeling of this dress!

Because the dress hem is “yarn”, it looks lighter under the sun.

As long as the girls wear it, they will look young and lively.

If you like natural and fresh wedding style,

Be sure to choose this yellow dress!


Can you wear a “light wedding dress”?

Get out of the most classic casual wedding photos with “Blue and White Colors”!

[Wedding Photography] Wedding Dressesx Blue and White Color Matching

Gown recommendation: When shooting “light wedding dresses”, girls choose not only dresses or wedding dresses.

You can also use the “blue and white color matching clothing” to present a light and natural wedding photo.

Simple tannins with a plain white top make the wedding photos look simple and stylish.

It is the easiest and most practical to wear! When the newcomer is shooting “light wedding dress”,

If you are afraid that the wedding photos don’t look good enough, just add some special items.

You can make the theme of the wedding photos look stronger and achieve impressive results!

When choosing wedding props, newcomers can use the common “letter props”.

Plus the cute and exaggerated “Headset Props”, you can also present a lively and fun-filled picture!


After reading the natural and simple “light wedding dress”,

Does girls want to take their own “light wedding dress” atmosphere?

Let’s get to know your “Good Global Travel”,

Let’s make you a highlight of a wedding photo!

girls after reading a series of natural and fresh “light wedding dresses” introduced by Xiaobian,

Was the girls and Xiaobian can’t wait to create their own style for themselves?

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